Student Enrollment/Registration Form:

Student Registration Form (English)

Forma de Registración de Estudiante (Español)

(You may only complete this form when your child has been accepted by our school.)

Enrollment Policy: click here for information about student enrollment

Controlled Open Enrollment Plan: click here for information on Controlled Open Enrollment

Student Capacity (Seat Availability) by Grade Level

Below is our student capacity/seat availability, by grade level. We are required to update this information every 12 weeks. Please note that the capacity number may change during the 12-week period as family members may withdraw or new families register.

We suggest you go ahead and submit a request for registration if you are interested in at the very least being added to the school’s waiting list if there’s no current availability and/or reaching out to our school for the status.

Available Seat Data- Updated: 04/04/2024

Grade Level Available Seats

K ————————— 0

1—————————- 0

2 —————————-0

3 —————————-0

4 —————————-0


6 —————————-0


8 —————————-0